e-VOLV Senior Connections


Move Over Millenials! The digital world is now the domain of our SENIORS.

Introducing the first streaming platform to build bridges over loneliness and isolation, offer activities to broaden horizons, deliver entertainment to enlarge lives and provide programs to connect seniors like never before!

Find out how your Council on Aging and Senior Center can get a FREE WEBSITE where your seniors can connect with your current programs and hundreds of fresh ideas, activities and ever-changing content.

Learn how your COA can reach and attract a whole new community of seniors eager to participate in your online and in-person programs.

Our totally intuitive touch-screen technology will take seniors around the corner to you and around the globe to events and happenings they never thought possible!

Find out how your COA can get a FREE e-VOLV WEBSITE!



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e-VOLV – The Future of Senior Engagement
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Gordon Szerlip, Chief Connector